YouTube on the move gets a facelift

In yet another blow to Adobe's Flash video delivery platform, Google has rolled out a new mobile version of YouTube based on HTML5.

Predicting that mobile browsing will soon become the dominant force in Internet video, YouTube says that it has made significant improvements to the enormously popular site which should see mobile users achieving the same speeds as their desktop-bound counterparts.

The nippier version was rolled out in the US of A last month but today sees the rest of the world able to watch video clips of teenage skateboarders losing a bollock whilst waiting for a bus without having to wait forever for it to download.

Andrey Doronichev, YouTube's mobile product manager said, "We tried to make it so snappy and so fast, but run in any browser across platforms."

Our initial tests using an iPhone 4 showed some improvement in download times and playback when standing within three feet our wi-fi router but moving into weak signal areas of the building made the connection practically unusable.

3G performance, on the other hand, was pretty much seamless, which came as something of a surprise. In fact we had to check twice to make sure the device hadn't somehow re-enabled the broadband connection. Just be careful you're not racking up a huge data bill.

There are some nice new interface touches with big button access to Home, Browse, Favourties, Playlists, Subscriptions and Settings - and the whole thing feels like it has been designed from the ground up to work on today's mobile gadgets rather than being a cut-down version of the full desktop site.

Annoyingly, YouTube Mobile repeatedly asked us if we would like to install it as an App - despite the fact that it is nothing more than a web link - even though we had already done so.

That aside, it's well worth a look, if only to bask in the glory that is Beardyman, who single-handedly makes YouTube worth visiting in our opinion