Alcatel unveils £44 BlackBerry-esque handset

Former Lucent/Bell labs partner Alcatel has launched the low cost keyboard based OT-802 phone, on a pay as you go deals with mobile retailer Phones4u.

The pocket sized Alcatel OT-802 is the successor to their One Touch handset and comes with 2.4-inch display, a full Qwerty keyboard, with an optical trackpad, a Opera mini web browser and is capable of 9 hours of talk time.

The phone is available on pay as you go offers from T-Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and Orange with a cost of £44.95 on a lifetime exclusive chrome and white finish at Phones4u.

OT-802 is geared up for the budget business handset user, or those who are just wanting a low cost mobile with a keyboard.

The phone has messaging at its core, in much the same way as many of Alcatel's phones have of late. Emailing and social messaging are at the focus of the device, which has a feel to the BlackBerry Curve handsets and also some of the lower end Nokia E-Series phones.

Alcatel's recent onslaught of mobiles are in keeping with the budget market aim, where their phones are on the lower price point of most networks and their tariffs.

They haven't just stopped with the networks either as a means of getting the mobiles purchased, as retailers such as Argos, ASDA and Superdrug are also selling Alcatel's budget conscious consumer handsets.


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