Anti Piracy Lawyers To Face Tribunal Over 'Bullying'

The UK's Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has ordered Andrew Crossley of ACS:Law to appear before a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal following a complaint by UK consumer magazine Which?.

According to Which?, the consumer group received no less than 150 complaints from users claiming that the law firm had sent them threatening letters, demanding that they pay £500 in damages or risk a lawsuit.

Which?'s legal head Deborah Prince welcomed the decision made by the SRA to reprimand those responsible for legal 'bullying'.

She said in a statement: “We also believe that it’s time for the profession to take action against law firms, and those responsible for them, which behave in a way we believe most right-thinking people would view as both aggressive and bullying.”

Which? also expressed disappointment over the fact that the SRA had delayed the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal hearing of Brian Miller and David Gore of Davenport Lyons law firm over a similar complaint filed by the consumer group in 2008.