Apple Likely To Unveil New Apple TV In September

Chances that Apple will be unveiling a new version of its Apple TV device, possibly under the moniker iTV, are high and is likely to happen during an event in San Francisco scheduled for September 7th.

Bloomberg reports that the date is two weeks before the start of the primetime season which gives Apple enough time to tie the loose ends and convince other studios to join in the foray.

The new Apple TV will be instrumental to convince content partners to be part of the experience and the fact that it is rumoured to be priced at $99 means that it will be particularly attractive to Apple current users and novices as well.

There's also a good chance that it will be using existing iPhone technology (same hardware with a few variations, same OS) in a bid to decrease the learning curve for users, leverage economies of scale and the presence of the App store and iTunes.

We've already delivered our verdict as to what can be expected from the iTV (or whatever it is called) and the Cupertino-based company will also need to navigate carefully because studios already have on one side.

Apple's announcement is set to precede that of Google towards the end of the year when the Android-powered Google TV will be launched with a much bigger industry support from the likes of Intel, Sony and Logitech.