Apple Releases Security Update For Mac OS X

Apple has released a security update for its Mac OS X operating system.

The update fixes 13 critical vulnerabilities on the platform, including the one which can allow a malicious PDF file hand over control of a system to a hacker and others that allow remote code execution.

The company said that the security update address vulnerabilities found in the user and server versions of its operating systems.

According to tech news site The Inquirer, some of the operating system components fixed include the Coregraphics and PHP client.

Apple has also addressed flaws in Apple Type Services and the ClamAV in the server version of the operating system.

The company has also said that the update release highlight that at least six of the vulnerabilities were capable of allowing hackers to remotely run unauthorised software on the platform.

Security experts have advised users to install the updates as soon as possible, suggesting that Apple's popularity will lead to an increased number of attacks in the future.