Asus Unveils N53 & N73 Laptops

Asus has partnered with sound experts Bang and Olufsen to produce the N73 and N73 laptops, two models which feature the technological expertise of B&O's thanks to the SonicMaster technology.

The Taiwanese behemoth claims that the laptops offer the best portable audio solution on the market and adds that SonicMaster "isn't a gimmick, but a new professional audio certification programme for portable computers. SonicMaster-compliant laptops like the new N Series incorporate large speaker chambers, more powerful amplifiers and extensive software processing to deliver breathtaking audio fidelity".

The N53 model is a 15.6-inch (1366x768 pixels) model while the N73 has a 17-inch capable of displaying 1600x900 pixels.

Both share the same underlying feature list, Intel i5 and i3 processors, 4GB RAM and either an Nvidia Geforce 315M or a 415M 3D graphics card with 1GB RAM.

Add in an attractive brushed metal finish a Blu-ray drive, a webcam, a HDMI port, a card reader, USB 3.0 and up to 640GB on the 17-inch model and you have a fairly attractive proposition especially at the price (from £649 for the 15-inch model, £1099 for the bigger one).

There are no release dates yet but we expect both laptops to be released just in time for Christmas. Note though that Apple has been particularly coy about the sound subsystem itself.