BT "Adam & Jane" Ad Get Slammed By ASA Over Broadband Claims

An advert by telecommunications giant BT that says it is rolling out "up to 20 meg speeds" to give "consistently faster broadband" has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after it received 17 complaints.

The body governing the advertising industry said that it doesn't have enough evidence to support BT's claims and that as such, the advert was likely to be misleading, especially as it said that the consistent speed was throughout the day even at peak times.

BT did support its case with data showing that its 20mbps lines are consistently faster than its 8mbps but that wasn't enough for ASA, which also pointed out that downloading sequences in the adverts were not likely to reflect reality.

As expected, BT competitors, BSkyB, Virgin Media and fellow Canvas partner Talktalk all complained about the advert. In total, seven types of complaints were placed against BT, out of which only one was not upheld.

BT has been told by ASA to "ensure it held robust documentary evidence" when making claims about broadband speed, something that we're sure also applies to rivals.

The advert was part of a series depicting the fictitious lives of Adam and Jane, one that spanned over several months and ended with Jane telling Adam that she's pregnant.