Cocaine and boobs to stay in Facebook flick

Controversial scenes depicting naked girls and drug-taking will not be cut from a forthcoming film about the early days of Facebook.

The Social Network, directed by Fight Club's David Fincher and due in cinemas on October 1st, is an account of the early years of the world's largest social networking site. The film is written by Aaron Sorkin, who based his script on various court documents, as well as on The Accidental Billionaires, a book by muck-raking US author Ben Mezrich.

The company itself has slammed the movie, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg labelling it "fiction", but its makers are known to have made small changes after offering high-ranking execs a sneak preview.

Producer Scott Rudin had suggested in a New York Times article that a controversial scene depicting Napster founder Sean parker, played by Justin Timberlake, might be cut. The scene features Parker delivering a key speech at a party while two young women offer lines of cocaine from their naked breasts.

It seems Rudin's biggest concern wasn't that the scene was allegedly made up, but that it might threaten the film's PG-13 certificate

Now sources have told industry news site The Hollywood Reporter that the scene will stay, breasts and all.

A spokesman for former Facebook employee Parker, who left the company in 2005 after a cocaine-related arrest, has declined to comment on the decision.