Dell Cuts 18.2 Million Pounds From Product Packaging

Dell has announced that it has cut more than 18.2 million pounds of packaging from its products since 2008.

The feat was reported by the company as a part of its annual 2009 Corporate Responsibility report, which explains exactly how the company has managed to reduce product packaging by implying a 'three Cs' approach.

According to the company, the 'three Cs' stand for cube, content and curbside recyclability, which supposedly makes product packaging disposal easier and also has less impact on the environment.

In a press release, the company said that the product packaging it had eliminated was equal to the weight of 226 fully-loaded 18-wheelers, or almost 4,184 small pick-ups.

Oliver Campbell, Dell's senior manager of Global Packaging, said in a statement: "Establishing these packaging goals has transformed my team from great packaging engineers to inspired environmental champions."

"The progress we've made has kept a lot of materials out of landfills, made responsible packaging disposal easier for customers and is making Dell a more environmentally responsible company."