EA's Medal Of Honor Benefitting From Publicity

Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor is soaking all the publicity, good or bad, that it can find in the wake of the call for a countrywide ban by British Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

The request was not only amplified by the blogosphere, journalists and media outlets but also piqued the curiosity of many who searched for the game online even if it is only set to be launched in October 2010.

Google Trends shows that in the past week, search volume traffic for the term "medal of honor" (or "medal of honour") has more than tripled compared to the previous week with news reference volume several times bigger compared to the preceding weeks.

On Amazon's top 100 best sellers, Medal of Honor for PS3 is currently 52nd, not bad for a title that will be released in nearly five weeks time and costs nearly £40.

On Play's Pre-order chart, the various flavours of the game are ranked 5th, 10th and 22nd indicating that there is indeed significant demand for it and it is likely that the demand has been partly induced by the ongoing publicity.