Facebook Places Has Sparked Interest In Similar Services, Says Echoecho

Since the launch of Facebook Places, users' interest has grown in the emerging geo-social networking market, location-based service provider echoecho has claimed.

According to tech news site The Register, echoecho has said that since Facebook launched Places, its software download rate has increased by more than 10 times.

The company claims to offer services similar to that of Facebook Places minus all the privacy concerns.

Echoecho offers software which allows users to ping their friends on the contact list and if the friend responds, then their locations are posted on Google Maps, represented by pins. However, all parties need to have echoecho installed on their devices for the service to work.

If a person does not have echoecho installed and receives a ping from a friend, then he or she is prompted to install the software via text message.

The company plans to offer its services without invading the privacy of its users and has said that it does not keep logs of users location once they join the service.