Google Android Licensing Server Hacked

Google's Android Licensing Service (ALS) has been hacked.

The news of the vulnerability was unveiled by Android Police, who have noted that Google has responded quickly, announcing that the company is already looking into the matter.

Writing on the official Android developers blog, Android developer at Google, Tim Bray, has written: "100% piracy protection is never possible in any system that runs third-party code, but the licensing server, when correctly implemented and customised for your app, is designed to dramatically increase the cost and difficulty of pirating."

"The best attack on pirates is to make their work more difficult and expensive, while simultaneously making the legal path to products straightforward, easy, and fast. Piracy is a bad business to be in when the user has a choice between easily purchasing the app and visiting an untrustworthy, black-market site."

Bray has indicated that developers can save their applications from being copied by "obfuscating" the authentication code needed as a pre-requisite to jump the authentication process. Google has outlined how to do this here.