iPads Given To Fat-Fingered Sumos

The Japan Sumo Association (JSA) has given Apple iPads to Sumo wrestlers.

Sumo wrestles have long struggled with typing text and e-mail messages on mobile phones and computers due to the size of their fingers. The JSA believes that Apple's iPad tablet device is perfect for typing with fat fingers, owing to its 10-inch multi-touch screen.

Under the iPad scheme, the JSA has distributed 60 tablet devices to 51 Sumo wrestling stables in Japan. Some of the top officials of the Association have also received the device for facilitating communication.

Hanaregoma, the chief of the Japan Sumo Association, told news agency the AFP that using the device was easy compared to other devices.

He claimed that he only used his mobile phone to read an incoming text message and hardly ever used a PC.

“We will hand out the newest iPads to all the sumo stables to swiftly communicate what we need to,” JSA vice chairman Hiroyoshi Murayama said in a statement to BBC News.