Lexmark Asks ITC To Ban Printer Cartridge Imports

Lexmark has asked the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to place a ban on the manufacture and sale of print cartridges, citing violation of its patents.

The Kentucky-based company has urged the ITC to bar the sale of replacement print cartridges from 24 companies that import replacement cartridges for Lexmark's laser printer range on the grounds of copyright infringement, tech news site PC Mag reported on Tuesday.

Lexmark seeks a ban on the manufacture, import and sale of 15 patent-infringing products along with monetary compensation for the damages following a lawsuit against the 24 companies at the federal court of Ohio on Friday.

The company has so far tried to maintain a low profile, not willing to discuss the issue. No spokesperson for Lexmark has spoken about the lawsuit in the media, nor named the companies accused of patent infringement.

The ITC has said that it is receiving a number complaints over the copyright infringement of printer cartridge related patents by printer makers, including Hewlett-Packard.