Microsoft Announces Office For Facebook Update

Microsoft has announced a number of significant improvements to its Office productivity suite including updates to its Facebook applications.

On Tuesday, Microsoft showcased the changes it has made to two features in Docs and an application for Facebook's Office, following feedback from users across the globe, technology news website The Register reported on Tuesday.

Microsoft has worked to enable users manage their files while using Docs, along with allowing users to easily find the document files of fellow Facebook users.

Docs, which was released in April, can now be used to search for Facebook friends' documents by using search keywords or tags. Users can also search by the names of people and total pages.

Created by Ray Ozzie, chief software developer at Redmond, Docs allows users to create, edit, and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files within Facebook. Docs is still in its beta testing stage, and the company is yet to set a date for the release of the final version.