Microsoft Declares Love For Open Source

Microsoft has said that it made a mistake when it criticised the open source way of life, undermining its importance in the software market in the past decade.

Almost nine years ago, Microsoft's chief executive officer Steve Ballmer declared Linux as a cancer, eating everything thing it associates itself with and threatened Microsoft's intellectual property.

The company also alleged copyright infringement by Linux over 200 of its patent technologies.

The company now wants to insist that, whatever its problems with Linux, it is not against open source.

Jean Paoli, general manager of interoperability strategy team at Microsoft Corporation said in an interview with Network World that the company made a mistake in criticising open source software and is now trying to narrow the differences between the two.

“We love open source. We have worked with open source for a long time now," said Paoli in the interview about equating all kind of open source technologies with Linux earlier.

"We understand our mistake," he added.