Microsoft Kinect Accessories Unveiled

Microsoft has unveiled accessories for its upcoming motion sensing gaming peripheral Kinect.

The Redmond-based company has named Performance Designed Products (PDP) as the only official provider of accessories for its forthcoming Xbox 360 games console peripheral, tech news site Tech Watch has reported.

Design and manufacturing company PDP has revealed the range of products licensed for the Kinect, including a Wall Mount priced at $14.99, a Floor Stand at $29.99, a Cable Extension costing $49.99, and a connecting device between Kinect and a TV of size anywhere between 26-inches and 60-inches.

“At PDP we are proud to offer the best quality peripherals and gaming accessories and we’re excited to bring that same quality to Kinect for Xbox 360,” said executive senior vice president at PDP Tom Roberts.

The accessories will be available at the release of controller-free gaming device on 4 November in the US. The details about the UK release of the accessories have not yet been revealed, but we assume that they will be launched with the Kinect on 10 November.