Motorola Acquires Web App Firm 280 North

Motorola has acquired web application firm 280 North in a bid to fuel the development in its Android smartphone vertical.

Citing internal sources, Tech Crunch reports that Motorola has paid around $20 million for the start-up, which had previously received $250,000 in funding during 2008.

280 North is the maker of a simple-to-use programing language called Cappuccino, which is used for creating web-based applications.

Cappuccino allows developers to create rich web-based applications in the same way desktop applications are created for Apple's Mac OS X. It has been designed so that a developer with limited programming knowledge can still create Web apps using the platform.

In an e-mailed statement to Tech Crunch, a Motorola spokesperson said: “We believe 280 North will be instrumental in helping us continue to foster the Android ecosystem with innovative web-based technologies and applications. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.”