Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 4 released

Mozilla has released the fourth beta version of its Firefox 4 web browser, introducing two new features designed to simplify internet browsing on the platform.

The company has said that the updates are designed to allow users to have greater control over the way they browse the internet.

Firefox 4 beta 4 will allow users to synchronise their browsing data across a number of devices and will also bring enhanced tab management capabilities.

Firefox Sync will let users access their bookmarks, history, Awesome Bar, passwords, form-fill data and open tabs across a variety of desktops and mobile devices. The functionality is also available to iPhone users via Firefox Home.

When users update their browsers with Beta 4, they will be automatically prompted to create a Firefox Sync account and begin synchronising almost immediately.

Mozilla also said that Firefox Sync encrypts all the data before sending it to the server and does not keep a tab on users' web activity.

Firefox Panorama, previously known as Tab Candy, will let users manage multiple tabs that have been opened on the browser at any given time with just a few clicks.

Mozilla explained: “If you juggle many open tabs for work, shopping, music, social sites, vacation planning and more, you can easily group and prioritise those tabs any way you want. With one keystroke you can see an overview of all tabs to quickly locate and switch between tabs or groups of tabs.”