Rumour: Radeon HD 6000 specs revealed

AMD's new fresh-faced GPU generation isn't due to venture out of the factory for a couple of months yet, but the first rumoured specs lists have already started to trickle off the grapevine.

The German graphics gossipers over at ATI Forum (Google translation) claim to have picked up some information about the new top-end chips in the family, which is likely to be called the Radeon HD 6000-series.

The overall codename for the GPU family is 'Southern Islands' but there are also individual codenames for each branch, and the site claims to have dug up some details about two of these.

The branches in question are codenamed 'Barts' and 'Cayman', and this isn't the first time we've seen those names bandied about. Back in June, 4Gamer revealed a list of the codenames for AMD's next GPU generation, claiming Barts would be based on the Juniper core and aimed at the same market segment as the current Radeon HD 5700-series. Meanwhile, Cayman would be based on the Cypress core and designed to replace the Radeon HD 5800-series.

This now appears to have been confirmed by ATI Forum's sources, who say Barts-based graphics cards will feature 1GB of 5GHz (effective) GDDR5 memory, two six-pin PCI-E power connector and a TDP just above the 150W mark. Meanwhile, the backplate will feature two DVI ports, an HDMI connector and two mini-DisplayPort sockets.

According to the site, the cards will be able to spread a game over four monitors with support for EyeFinity4, and the PCB will be the same as the one used in current Radeon HD 5800-series cards, making the new cards cheaper to produce. If the rumours are to be believed, Bart-based cards are expected to sit in a performance-league between the Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5870; possibly similar to a Radeon HD 5830.

Next up is Cayman, which is reportedly AMD's top-end single-GPU offering. According to ATI Forum's sources, Cayman cards will feature 1GB of 6GHz (effective) GDDR5 memory, and an eight-pin PCI-E power connector in addition to the standard six-pin socket.

Finally, AMD is also expected to introduce a dual-GPU set-up to replace the Radeon HD 5970, codenamed 'Antilles'.

No official details about these cards have appeared yet, but it's expected to feature two Cayman GPUs on a single PCB.