Samsung Eco-friendly Solar Powered Phone Drops To £5

O2 has just released an eco-rating scheme but it did not include what is certainly the most eco-friendly model of them all, the Samsung E1170, one which comes with built-in solar panels.

The phone is currently available for as little as £4.95 at e2save (plus a £10 top up from Orange or T-Mobile), a price that includes delivery. The phone is for a no-nonsense audience and will be ideal for those looking for an emergency handset.

At only 72g, it is one of the lightest models we've seen at this price and since it doesn't feature any bells and whistles (Bluetooth, touchscreen or 3G), its battery life is exemplary with up to 10.50 hours battery life and 830 hours standby time, that more than one month!

It comes with a 1.52-inch colour screen, a 1000mAh Li-Ion battery, 16MB onboard memory (quite a lot), SMS, games, organiser, calendar, speakerphone and stopwatch feature.

We haven't been able to find any proper review of the handset but surely, a phone that cheap and which comes with built-in solar panels is not only eco-friendly but will also make your bank account happier.