Will the iPhone 5 Be Released Early?

Back in July 2010, there was a slide in the Apple presentation by Steve Jobs which said that every iPhone 4 purchased through the 30th of September will receive a free iPhone 4 and a refund if you bought a bumper.

The initial reaction was whether Apple was going to release a new iPhone by then (or at least announce one) but chances are very slim as to the launch of the iPhone 5 within the next few months.

It just doesn't make sense from a commercial point of view and from a PR perspective as it would mean that Apple is more vulnerable to mistakes than it wants others to think.

Instead, we bet on Apple extending the refund period until the next iPhone is released or indeed launch an interim iPhone 4.5 (or iPhone 4 rev 2.0) which will solve the issue of the dropping signals but still pass it as the iPhone 4 to the general public.

It is very likely that the whole antennagate story will die out quietly without anyone noticing; indeed, the amount of news coverage the term generated over the last few weeks has significantly decreased, while search volume index dropped by 80 per cent according to Google Trends.