Apple Music-Themed Event Coming 1 September

Apple has confirmed that the company will be holding a media-centric press-event on 1 September.

The media invite bears a picture of a wooden guitar with an Apple logo instead of the sound hole, suggesting that the event will be very music focused.

Analysts are speculating that the company will unveil new iPod Touch models with dual cameras and a new Apple TV product.

Apple has traditionally used September to introduce new iPods and media products, aiming to build hype for its new products before the holiday season begins.

Rumours suggest that Apple may showcase a new iPod Touch media player, possibly with a front and back facing cameras. The front facing camera can be used to make FaceTime video calls to other iPods and iPhone 4s.

It is also speculated that the new iPod models will have Retina Display technology and a new video editing software.

Apple is also expected to reveal an updated Apple TV, dubbed iTV, which may come with 16GB flash drive and the ability to stream media content on iTunes to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.