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Facebook To Sue Teachbook Over Name

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against the teaching-oriented social media platform Teachbook for using the suffix '-book' in its name.

Teachbook, which operates out of Chicago, describes itself as an online community for teachers. The social network allows professional teachers to share lesson plans and instructional videos with friends and colleagues on the platform.

Facebook has said that Teachbook is using the "fame and enormous goodwill of the Facebook trademark" for attracting members to the platform.

The social networking giant fears that if every other social network started to use the "generic plus BOOK" mark, then it would "dilute the distinctiveness" of Facebook.

In a statement to tech news site Wired, a Facebook spokesperson said that “there is already a well known online network of people with 'book' in the brand name. Of course the Teachbook folks are free to create an online network for teachers or whomever, and we wish them well in that endeavour.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.