IBM Releases BigFix System Management Software

IBM has released new systems management software, developed using technology it gained from the $400 million acquisition of BigFix last month.

The software is based on BigFix technology that allows IT managers to monitor client devices and virtual machines running on company networks. The software will help the IT managers to determine whether or not client devices and virtual machines are complying with company protocols.

According to IBM, the software is targeted at large scale organisations that need to monitor several thousand systems at the same time.

The software also comes with a new management console which allows IT managers to sort the systems running on a network according to role and type.

IBM has paid specific attention towards virtual systems management and has designed the software to fine-tune resources allocated to every virtual system on the network.

In a statement, Amrit Williams, chief technology officer of BigFix technology at IBM, said: “As organisations become increasingly more complex, virtualised and distributed, it's critical for them to take proactive steps to secure and manage their IT environment in a consolidated and automated way.”