IBM Report Highlights Rising Security Threats

An IBM report has revealed that the number of vulnerabilities reported in the first half of this year rose by 36 per cent from last year.

The report also showed that the majority of them still remain unpatched.

IBM has released its X-Force report, which said that 4,396 new vulnerabilities were reported and documented during the first six months of 2010. More alarming is the fact that 55 per cent of them have not received a security patch from their vendors.

As the IT sector slowly moves towards cloud computing, IBM warned that web applications have emerged as a major threat to security, accounting for 55 per cent of the software vulnerabilities disclosed in the first six months.

IBM also reported that Sun has replaced Microsoft for having the maximum number of unpatched vulnerabilities in its software, with a share of 24 per cent of the total number of unpatched security flaws.

Microsoft has the second most, with 23.2 per cent, and Firefox maker Mozilla came third with 21.3 per cent of unpatched security flaws.

“This underscores the increased focus among our clients to continue looking for security solutions that help them better manage risk and ensure their IT infrastructure is secure by design,” Steve Robinson, the head of security solutions at IBM, said in a statement to CRN.