Intuit Brings Complete Credit Card Solution To The iPhone

A new accessory is set to bring an entire credit card payment solution to Apple's iPhone.

Intuit, a financial utility software developing firm has teamed with iPhone accessory maker Mophie for the development of a credit card reading device for Apple's smartphone devices, tech news site Mac World has reported.

Described as the Complete Credit Card Solution, the accessory has been designed to be compatible with the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, whilst keeping in mind small and medium size businessmen working in the field.

The company has said that the iPhone 4 add-on is under development and should be out soon.

“Customers have become more and more comfortable with mobile phones, and they want to do things on their phones that they’re used to doing on their computers,” said Mary Lunneborg, senior product manager at Intuit GoPayment in an interview with Mac World.

The Complete Credit Card Solution will be made available for $180, while the software will cost $13 per month.