Lost Patient Records Found At Bus Stop

The patient records and body scan reports of 112 hospital patients has been found lying at a bus stop in Wolverhampton.

An unencrypted CD containing body scan images, including those of the heart and lungs, along with the personal details of over one hundred patients, was found lying near the New Cross Hospital in May, BBC News reported on Wednesday.

The UK Information Commission Office (ICO) has blamed the local hospital body for losing sensitive data and the NHS Trust has agreed to take steps to tighten the security and prevent any future loss of personal data.

“Patients' personal data should always be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA). I am pleased the trust has agreed to take remedial steps to ensure such an incident does not happen again," said Mick Gorill, chief of enforcement at the ICO.

The NHS Trust of the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals has said that the hospitals do not have the technology to create images like the ones found in CD, and that the hospitals do not produce unencrypted CDs.