M-Tech Wins Court Battle Against Oracle

Salford-based computer hardware vendor M-Tech has won a major court ruling against IT giant Oracle.

Oracle had sued M-Tech for trademark infringement.

The IT giant alleged that M-Tech had sold products which were not meant for the European market, which, according to the law, amounts to trademark infringement.

Oracle had said that M-Tech purchased second-hand Oracle hardware from the US and sold the products in the European market.

M-Tech said that Oracle does not specify on its products exactly where they should be sold and that it does not allow sellers to access its trademark. The company has also said that Oracle's stance towards trademark usage was anti-competitive.

This argument prompted the Court of Appeal to allow M-Tech to prove its allegations against Oracle in court.

Lady Justice Tomlinson, of the Court of Appeal, said in the ruling: “The practises alleged arguably have more to do with restricting imports with the object of preventing price competition within the European Economic Area (EEA) and thereby protecting Oracle's profit margins.”