Microsoft Leaks IE9 Screenshot

Microsoft has leaked a screenshot from its soon-to-be released Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) web browser.

The screenshot the upcoming web browser, posted by Microsoft Russia on its website, hints that the new user interface (UI), will look very similar to Google's Chrome web browser, news agency Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The screenshot is reported to have been taken down a short while after its leak.

The leaked screenshot has revealed that the new IE9, whose first beta version is expected to be launched on 15 September at the Beauty of the Web launch event in San Francisco, has striking similarity with Google’s web browser Chrome.

The neat and compact browser has no tabs for RSS, e-mail, print, Page, Safety, and Tools.

Unlike previous versions, bookmarks have been eliminated, and the refresh and stop refresh button take up considerably less space.

The URL and Search bar have been joined, while favourites and Suggested Sites no longer exist.

The IE9 is compatible with Vista and Windows 7, but not with Windows XP and older Microsoft operating systems.