News@10: Facebook Places, Google Brings Voice To Gmail & Apple TV

Since the launch of Facebook Places, users' interest has grown in the emerging geo-social networking market, location-based service provider echoecho has claimed. Echoecho has said that since Facebook launched Places, its software download rate has increased by more than 10 times.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is set to create 700 new jobs in Scotland by establishing an IT service unit in Erskine, near Glasgow. The new HP facility will be set-up using the £7 million the company received in government funding.

Google has finally added voice support to its popular Gmail email service which means that users will soon be able to call landlines and mobiles worldwide for free or for extremely low prices. The announcement was made at a press conference in San Francisco in front of a few selected press members.

The German government has proposed a new legislation restricting recruiters from checking the Facebook profiles of the potential candidates. German law makers have proposed restrictions on the checking of candidate's personal data on social networking websites while recruiting.

Chances that Apple will be unveiling a new version of its Apple TV device, possibly under the moniker iTV, are high and is likely to happen during an event in San Francisco scheduled for September 7th. The date is two weeks before the start of the primetime season which gives Apple enough time to tie the loose ends and convince other studios to join in the foray.