Party Dock could herald big screen iPhone gaming

If Griffin's PartyDock ever makes it into full production, it could be the first device to prompt Apple to open up its iOS4 APIs to allow games to be played on a TV screen.

Until now, although the iPhone and its manifold brethren have had the ability to put whatever is on the little screen on a much bigger one (albeit using a ridiculously overpriced break-out cable), Apple has kept the hardware locked down to just a few select functions from its own Apps like Photo slideshows and iTunes video playback. Even the ubiquitous YouTube has to make do with showing content on the tiny screen.

The Griffin hardware, which includes a charging dock and four wireless controllers, recently popped up on the FCC's hotbed of leaks web site, and features official 'Made For' logos for iPhone and iPad on the packaging.

Apparently the gizmo has both component and composite outputs allowing it to be hooked up to a big screen TV or a projector. The bad news is that the gadget comes with three Griffin-branded games which could mean that the APIs will remain locked down to those bits of software only.

Even so, it's a step in the right direction. We reckon this could be brilliant with some decent quiz software installed, running on the giant TV in your local boozer.

Kudos to Wireless Goodness for digging this one up.