Pentagon Official Discloses US Military Hack Details

A USB flash drive infected with a malicious code, connected to a US military laptop two years ago, led to one of the most dangerous cyber attacks targeted at the US military, Pentagon officials have revealed.

Deputy Defence Secretary, William J. Lynn III has revealed that the incident has been the most significant and ground-shaking cyber attack against the US military, CNN News reported on Wednesday.

In an article titled “Defending a New Domain”, the top Pentagon official spoke about the incident.

"An enormous amount of foundational work remains, but the U.S. government has begun putting in place various initiatives to defend the United States in the digital age,” said Lynn in the article, published in Foreign Affairs magazine.

According to Lynn, although it is not known if any data was compromised after the incident took place, the US government was shocked at its effectiveness.

He said that the attack has led to the development of new strategies for cyber defence by the Pentagon, also known as Operation Buckshot.