Why Google VoIP Phone Service Won't Have A Name

Google's newly unveiled VoIP phone service doesn't have a name yet and it is likely to remain like that forever partly because Google has no plans to release it as a stand alone service.

Ryan Singel from Wired rightly points out that Facebook, not Skype, is what Google is aiming at with the Gmail phone call service (or whatever it is called).

The search giant is now looking for everything sticky to prevent its users from moving elsewhere, always logged in and the best place to start with is Gmail and its hundreds of millions of regular users.

Obviously, not everything incubated by Gmail works perfectly and Buzz is a good example of it. However, voice on Google is a sure bet simply because it will be available at some point on Android phones but not elsewhere and is already successful elsewhere (Skype has more than 520 million registered users).

It is likely that voice and e-mail are going to be the central pillars of Google's rumoured social networking service, one which may also bring in Google Talk, Google Profile, Youtube, Flickr, Latitude and a few others as well. Heck! Your browser may well be your next social network.

At least until the end of the year, Google will be giving calls to North America for free, something that will act as a lure to get more users to sign up for Gmail and increase stickiness.

Our hunch is that Google will extend the free period forever by adding advertising to the mix. After all, it would make sense for them to use Google Adsense on mobiles, perhaps as a new Google Advoice service.