WikiLeaks' red cell memo keeps up pressure on US

WikiLeaks yesterday released a secret memo in which the CIA admitted to the US being seen as an 'exporter of terrorism'.

The document, entitled 'What If Foreigners See the United States as an 'Exporter of Terrorism'?', was created by the Central Intelligence Agency in February.

It's a report by the agency's so-called 'red cell', where spooks play devil's advocate to bring alternative viewpoints to the attention of the CIA's leadership.

The documents looked at the possibility of US nationals being recruited by terrorist groups, and using the US to launch attacks overseas.

In the paper, Pentagon officials admitted that the USA was perceived in some allied countries as an 'exporter of terrorism' - a situation that could lead to lead to non-cooperation over detention, questioning and the interrogation of suspects.

CIA sources played the leak down. One official, speaking anonymously, told reporters: "This is not exactly a blockbuster paper."

Official Pentagon spokesman George Little denied that the document shed any light on Pentagon policy.

"These sorts of analytic products... are designed simply to provoke thought and present different points of view," he said.

Unlike earlier leaks - or the much-anticipated publication of 15,000 Afghan war documents still in the site's possession - the document offered little in the way of shock revelation.

Even so, it will serve to ratchet up the tension between the whistle-blower and Washington in the run-up to the release of part two in the site's Afghan War Diary.