Diaspora Set For 15 September Launch

Facebook rival Diaspora has announced 15 September as the launched date for the new social network.

According to BBC News, the developers of Diaspora have announced in a blog post that the platform is ready, and will go live in three weeks.

Diaspora, which was started by three computer science students, will be an open source alternative to the social networking giant Facebook.

The makers claim that, on Diaspora, users will be able to control the platform themselves and decide on the level of information they want to share.

The Diaspora team wrote: "That means an intuitive way for users to decide, and not notice deciding, what content goes to their co-workers and what goes to their drinking buddies. We know that's a hard [user interface] problem and we take it seriously."

The platform received a huge boost in popularity boost when Facebook was criticised by users and watchdogs for its incomprehensible privacy settings and the manner in which it shared user information with advertisers, allowing the Diaspora team to raise $200,642 to set up the site.