Google Launches Real-Time Search

Google has launched a separate search engine service committed to delivering real-time search results to users across the world.

The California-based company has announced a dedicated web page offering real-time search results to enhance user experience while streaming live content on the network, news agency Reuters has reported on Thursday.

The service, which was first started as an integration into the results page in December last year, served as an index for status updates, messages and other public content from social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

The new service will now include a filtering feature, sorting results on the basis of a user's location.

"So if you're travelling to Los Angeles this summer, you can check out tweets from Angelenos to get ideas for activities happening right where you are," wrote Dylan Casey, product manager at Google in his blogpost.

The service, which is available at, will be rolled out progressively. Google has said that the service will be made available in 40 languages worldwide.