IBM To Help EU Digitise Historical Documents

IBM and the European Union (EU) have teamed up to digitise major European historical texts and documents, dating back hundreds of years.

The company will work with 24 research institutes, libraries, colleges and other centres housing the historical documents, dating back as early as the 15th century, across the continent, financial news website Fin Channel has reported.

The project, known as Impact (Improving Access to Text), aims to make the documents available on the internet.

The collaboration will offer best the technology and practises to enable them to produce high quality digital copies of the historical texts.

"Impact not only allows these prominent centres of culture to ultimately bring people closer to perhaps never before seen historically significant texts of heritage but because it actually allows these people to become part of the preservation process," said Tal Dory, manager, document processing group at IBM, Haifa Israel.

According to Dory, the Impact technology offers a combination of crowd sourcing and Optical Character Recognition solution for digitising the documents.