Kinect Dashboards Screenshots Leaked

Screenshots of Microsoft's Kinect beta have shown a revamped Xbox 360 dashboard, set to accompany the new motion sensing gaming peripheral.

Games news site Joystiq reports that the company recently unveiled the first beat version of its Kinect, which will be launched in the UK on 10 November, ahead of the holiday season.

As well as a new dashboard, the beta version comes with a new Avatar editor.

Expanding on Kinect's motion sensing capabilities, Microsoft has also introduced a tweaked version of the viewing titles, which users will be be able to flick through with a movement of their arms.

Games introduced on the Kinect beta version include Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Adventures. Microsoft has also included a mini guide in the beta version, which will give step-by-step instructions to users on how to use Kinect.

Kinect will be released into competition with Sony's PlayStation Move, which brings similar motion sensing gaming capabilities to users.