Netflix Debuts App For iPhone, No UK Launch Though

US Video on demand service, Netflix, has released an app for the iPhone and the iPod touch which allows users to watch movies and TV programmes online via Wi-Fi or 3G.

The free App requires a Netflix subscription at the cost of only $8.99 a month and allows the user to access their own account on their iOS devices.

Early tests by PCWorld show that it is best to watch content via Wi-Fi rather than 3G to avoid constant buffering, something that can only irritate users.

Netflix is moving quickly in the mobile handset arena ahead of competitors like Blockbuster, Redbox or Hulu to convert as many of its 15 million or so subscribers to medialess streaming support.

Already three out of every five of its subscribers have used the online service said Netflix last month and the fact that it provides an eat-as-much as you want service rather than pay per programme like iTunes means that regular users will end up paying less per movie.

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to say if it will launch an Android version or whether/when the service will be launched outside the US.

Rival Lovefilm has launched a streaming service that provides free and paid-for content depending on your package.