News@5: YouTube Cinema Service, Apple iTunes & Street View Celeb Stalking

YouTube has launched a new on demand film service for users. The free service offers users more than 400 full length movies to choose from, including such cinematic delights as Cathy Come Home, The Clan Of The Cave Bear and cult classics like Loved, Dark Side Of The Sun, The Addiction, and Death Train.

Media executives have predicted that the new iTunes music service will focus heavily on social capabilities instead of streaming media content. Apple is expected to announce updates to its iPod Touch and iTunes in a music related press event scheduled for 1 September.

UK DVD rental service LoveFilm has signed a deal with MGM to allow its customers to watch the Hollywood studio's films online. The deal will allow LoveFilm customers to stream older MGM movies for free, while the newer titles will be available on pay-per-view basis.

IBM and the European Union (EU) have teamed up to digitise major European historical texts and documents, dating back hundreds of years. The company will work with 24 research institutes, libraries, colleges and other centres housing the historical documents, dating back as early as the 15th century, across the continent.

Google's Street View is used by 34 per cent of Brits to spy on celebrities, a new survey conducted by the Central Scotland Joinery has revealed. Central Scotland Joinery revealed that Playboy boss Hugh Hefner's mansion, Apple CEO Steve Job's home and the Beckham's Beckingham Palace are among the celebrity residences most spied on by Brits.