One Million Calls Made On Google Voice Already

Google has confirmed that more than one million calls have been placed via its new Gmail service in the first 24 hours after it was launched in the US.

The company posted a tweet on Thursday afternoon thanking everyone who used the new service, some people outside the United States were able to get access to the service and place calls.

We were even able to make a one minute call in the UK before Google disabled the voice call feature. However, the backend of the service is still available meaning that Google may well be holding back on releasing the service worldwide to prevent a complete meltdown of the service.

Google's own trending service shows that search requests for the new feature over the last 24 hours has surged as people look for it on Google's search engine.

But a blazing start doesn't necessarily translate into a long run success as it was the case for Buzz, the other feature that Google launched via Gmail.