RIM Offers New BlackBerry Deal To India

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has proposed to create an industry forum to provide data to Indian security agencies.

The move has been proposed in order to avoid its BlackBerry services being banned in the country.

The company has said that it would work with the Indian security agencies to their need for "lawful access" to messages sent from its BlackBerry Messenger and enterprise e-mail services.

The move comes after the Indian government set RIM the deadline of 31 August to provide Indian security agencies the means to monitor the messages exchanged on its network.

India has reason to believe that BlackBerry services could be used by terrorists to plot terror strikes on Indian soil.

According to Reuters, the industry forum will work closely with the Indian government to chart out policies and procedures to lawfully monitor the BlackBerry network in India.

The Indian government is still pushing RIM to give it access to the master key to its servers, however RIM maintains that it had designed the system in a way that no third party, including RIM, can access any consumer data.