Rumour: Final GeForce GTS 450 specs show up

We've seen the chip, pored over the PCB diagrams and we've even had a glimpse at the clock speeds. In fact, the only bit of information missing from the GeForce GTS 450 puzzle was the number of stream processors, and even that's reportedly turned up now.

German tech site Heise (Google translation) claims to have been contacted by a guy who was lucky enough to receive an advance sample of a GeForce GTS 450, and he's clearly got no qualms about revealing Nvidia's secrets.

According to Heise's source, the new chip based on Nvidia's GF106 core will feature 192 stream processors and 32 texture units.

Interestingly, Heise's information suggests that Nvidia may have also tweaked the clock speeds since the last rumours about the chip. Earlier reports said the GPU would be clocked at 789MHz with 1,578MHz stream processors, but Heise's source says his card has a 783MHz core and 1,566MHz stream processors.

This isn't a massive difference, but the card's memory appears to have a significantly lower clock speed than earlier rumours suggested. According to Heise, the card's 1GB of GDDR5 memory will be clocked at 1,804MHz (3,608MHz effective), compared with the 1,880MHz (3,670MHz effective) talked about in previous leaks.

Otherwise, Heise's information corresponds with previous details. According to the site's source, the chip features a 128-bit memory interface, and is currently lined up to be released on 13 September this year.