A Third Of Brits Use Google Street View To Stalk Celebs

Google's Street View is used by 34 per cent of Brits to spy on celebrities, a new survey conducted by the Central Scotland Joinery has revealed.

The Central Scotland Joinery revealed that Playboy boss Hugh Hefner's mansion, Apple CEO Steve Job's home and the Beckham's Beckingham Palace are among the celebrity residences most spied on by Brits with the White House topping the list with 19 per cent Brits searching for it on Street View.

Around 23 per cent of Brits looking for the Playboy Mansion admitted to looking for a glimpse of a Playboy Bunny.

Almost 16 per cent of Britons used Google Street View service to spy on their ex's house, while 47 per cent were used the service to look-up their childhood homes.

Jamie Haston, managing director of Central Scotland Joinery, said in a statement: “I wasn't too surprised to discover that 19 per cent of the people we asked have had a nose at the White House, it is beautiful building. However, I don't encourage people 'stalking' celebrities via Google. No one wants to end up in court after all!”