Vodafone gets Nokia N8 - exclusively

Mobile phone network Vodafone has made public via Twitter it's exclusively going to have the upcoming Nokia N8, in the lime green casing that's been seen on countless preview models.

Vodafone announced in a tweet that reads: "The green Nokia N8 will be available exclusively to Vodafone customers at launch", which confirms they'll solely have the colour that's become synonymous with the Nokia N8 handset.

The N8 will be the first mobile run Symbian^3, with a touch screen, an HDMI slot, with HD 720p video recording capabilities care of its 12 megapixel camera - the highest MP count seen on a Nokia handset.

It's been reported the N8 mobile phone will be available at the end of September, or early October with a possible SIM free and unlocked price tag of £419.99, according to Play.com.

No other mobile phone network has announced news surrounding the upcoming anticipated Nokia flagship handset and their exclusive colours.

The Nokia N8 is available in four more colours, silver, black, blue and orange. One Mobile Ring has noticed the SIM free models have only appeared in black and silver, where the two remaining colours could certainly find themselves on networks with relating colours schemes - with the obvious tie-in being Orange.

Vodafone tweet

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com