YouTube Launches On Demand Cinema Service

YouTube has launched a new on demand film service for users.

The free service offers users more than 400 full length movies to choose from, including such cinematic delights as Cathy Come Home, The Clan Of The Cave Bear and cult classics like Loved, Dark Side Of The Sun, The Addiction, and Death Train.

There is also a fan-made prequel to Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hunt for Gollum, to be found, as well as Fritz Lang's sci-fi classic Metropolis and horror flicks Night of the Living Dead, Driller Killer and Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned, tech news site THINQ reports.

The launch follows an agreement between YouTube and a number of film studios, including Sony Pictures, MGM and Lionsgate as well as Blinkbox, to make available over 400 films from both Hollywood, Bollywood and a variety of other, less well known producers.

“This is one of many efforts to ensure that people can find all different kinds of video they want to see, from bedroom vlogs and citizen journalism reports to full-length films and TV shows. This is a first step,” said Donagh O Malley, chief of video partnerships at You Tube.