CA Technologies Teams Up With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services credentials as a enterprise-ready cloud computing partner were boosted as CA Technologies announced that it will extend its IT managements tools to support Amazon's popular Web Services, commonly known as AWS.

CA Virtual Assurance, CA Service Automation, CA Service Assurance and Nimsoft Monitoring Solution will be able to plug directly into AWS like EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and AVPC (Amazon Virtual Private Cloud) to automate and monitor cloud applications.

CA's move come as an increasing number of customers have been demanding for such an integration. Stephen Elliot, vice president of strategy for CA's virtualisation and automation unit, told ZDNet UK that "Customers also recognise that management of VPC, and in general public clouds, reduce their business risk and accelerate the adoption of those services across the enterprise."

Both CA and Amazon have been partners and CA already offers a number of enterprise management solutions that include CA Spectrum Automation Manager and Wily Introscope.