Cisco And Verizon To Push For 3D Video

Cisco has announced plans to develop its own 3D video products.

According to news outfit Seer Press, Cisco CEO John Chambers said that the company is working to expand on its IP video offerings.

Speaking during a visit to the Meadowland Stadium, which is using Cisco's IP video technology to offer fans more interactive and media rich content, Chambers said that video is the new voice-on Internet Protocol technology.

Cisco is looking to capitalise on the growing popularity of video on the Web. According to Cisco, 90 per cent of all communications taking place on the internet by 2014, will be in the form of video.

In a statement, Chambers said: “3D will make things more lifelike. But I think in 10 years we'll be seeing holograms used. Not only can this be used to enhance business communications, but imagine the implications for certain vertical businesses like medicine.”

Verizon Communications is also working with its researchers to develop a 3D holographic video communication system for small businesses, the medical industry and households.