H.264 To Remain Royalty Free

MPEG-LA has announced that it won't be charging a royalty fee for H.264 video encoding and streaming technology.

The technology is used by websites to help deliver video content to users.

Previously the outfit had announced that it would start charging royalty fees for the H.264 video format from 31 December 2015 onwards. However, this announcement has lifted the deadline and made the video format royalty for eternity.

In a press release, the company said that it would still continue to charge the use of H.264 video standard in Blu-ray drives and disc reproduction.

The move to make the format royalty free is not only meant to resolve the going video standards war, but it would also prevent users from adopting rival video formats including, search engine giant Google's WebM video codec.

Apart from the H.264 video format, Mozilla Firefox has developed the Ogg Theora video format, which is open source in nature and royalty free, and Google is currently trying to make its WebM a video format standard.